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Vilijus Vaišvila

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Postcard from collection "Art of Lithuania".

Author: Vilijus Vaišvila

Paper: chalk

Size: 10x15 cm

Printed and published in Lithuania, 2021.

Postcard number: ART136

The series consists of postcards published on the basis of works created by Lithuanian artists. Vilijus Vaišvila was born in 1955. Graduated from Šiauliai 5th Secondary School, Art School. Studied at Vilnius Art Institute. Painted paintings, frescoes, wood, stone and metal sculptures. He worked in Denmark for several years. He painted a 300-square-meter fresco in Underwater World in Copenhagen. He also created interiors and portraits of buildings. In 2002 he was invited to Spain, where he painted 6 frescoes in Marbella. Vilijus organized eighteen author's exhibitions in Lithuania. The artist's works have been exhibited in London, Chicago, Oslo. 2004-exhibition ARTVILLE 04 in Copenhagen. BALT ART Berne. ARTBASEL satellite in Miami. CuetoJames Gallery, Mixed Emotions Fine Art Gallery, JoMar Visions Gallery in Houston. Since 2002, Vilius Vaišvila has been a member of the American Portrait Association (ASOPA). The works of Vilijus Vaišvila are dominated by associative artistic image, paradoxical juxtapositions, individual mythologized figurative symbolism, irony and sarcasm, comedy and tragedy ...

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